Business and management: Recorded training

Recorded lectures for Business students

These videos were recorded in September 2022, to share with new and continuing students. Let us know if there other topics you'd like videos on.

These are recorded lectures on more varied topics, also of relevance to business students:

Recordings of training on some other topics are available, but not currently in a format to share with everyone online - if there's something you want access to, email and ask if I have training available.  

Upcoming Data and Statistics events

These events will be held online as standard - Bloomberg workshops will be on Zoom. A link and passcode for access will be in the calendar event emailed out to people who register.

Getting Started with Bloomberg

An introduction to the financial markets database, covering: what’s available, booking a terminal and setting up an account, finding your way around, getting help. Including Equities (GP, FA, SPLC, EQS); Equity Indices (WEI); Industries (BI); Economics (ECST, BECO).

Tuesday 10th October 12-1pm


Using Bloomberg with Excel

Covering exporting data from Bloomberg, accessing the Bloomberg Excel add-in, options for downloading data to avoid exceeding the export limit (Bloomberg Query Language - BQL), using the Spreadsheet Builder to import time series and static data ans accessing templates

Attendees at this seminar should have previously attended a Getting Started with Bloomberg session, or have past experience using Bloomberg.

Tuesday 31st October 12-1pm


Bloomberg certification

An overview of the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) e-learning module: how to access and work through it, and how completing it can benefit employability, especially for those seeking careers in finance and investment. 

Thursday 19th October 12-12:30pm


Introduction to finding data and statistics

The session is aimed at providing you with an overview of the various datasets and statistical sources available to you. These include data on global economies, company financials (share price, market values, dividend yields, mergers and acquisitions, etc.) as well as on environment, social and governance (ESG).

Thursday 16th February 11am-12pm


What's in the UK Data Service?

The session introduces you to the UK Data Service, a comprehensive data source providing access to key economic and social data, both quantitative and qualitative. These include data on UK surveys, cross-national surveys, longitudinal studies, population census, international macrodata, business microdata, and qualitative mixed methods.

Wednesday 17th May 11am-12noon


For Bloomberg workshops at a later date, see the Bloomberg tab.

Upcoming LibSmart Market Research events

Business Databases for Non-Business Students

(Also suitable for any Business Student wanting a refresher)

You may have been asked to design / market a product, create a business plan, or look into a particular industry or sector, and need to know where to locate this information. This session will cover; 

  • Market research databases
  • Company reports
  • Industry / sector information
  • Financial data
  • News
Wednesday 18th October 12-1pm

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Alice Cann and Rhianna Wright are your librarians for Brunel Business School. You're very welcome to book an appointment, which may be in person or online. If you are emailing please copy us both in to your emails, as we both support business part time.