Market research: Overview


The Library subscribes to several databases which provide access to

  • market research reports;
  • industry information;
  • company reports;
  • market and company data.

There are also free resources available online which can be used to identify information about these topics.

Some basic company financial information can be found in these market research databases, but most research for financial data will require the use of other data sources, for which we have a separate guide:

Choosing which database to use

The Library has five databases which contain large amounts of market research, and others that can also be useful. You might need to look in several databases to find the information you need, either because what you're looking for isn't available in the first database, or because you need to get information from multiple databases. 

Use the companies, markets and countries pages above to see which databases suit your research needs. On the left of each page there is further information about each database and its coverage. Instructions on how to use these databases are provided in some cases. If you need further help, please contact us. 

Market research on Library search

You can find some reports by searching using the Library search box on the Library home page, and then limiting by Content Type to Market Research.  However, the amount that's available this way is limited - mostly just reports.  If you search on the Library search and don't find what you need, remember to search in individual databases as well.

Upcoming LibSmart Market Research events

Finding market research and company information

An introduction to the databases that contain this information, including reports and data in the market research databases, and journal databases.

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Academic Liaison Librarians are available to chat between 1pm-4pm, Monday to Friday term-time about using library resources and referencing.

You can join us in person at the LibSmart Point desk on the first floor of the Library between 1-2pm on weekdays, and chat to us online via the LibSmart Chat between 2-4pm. 

Occasionally, and outside of these times, your query will be picked up by another member of Brunel Library staff or our friendly co-op support staff, who provide us with 24/7 chat coverage.


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