Art Psychotherapy : Beyond Brunel

Going Beyond Brunel

We do our best to stock everything required for your course in the library but, if for some reason we don't have something you need (or your research is more specialist), you may have to explore other options. Depending on the situation, you could consider the following:

  • Please check our collections thoroughly before going to an external library unnecessarily. If you're having trouble finding material, please check out our Finding Resources page, or get in touch with your Academic Liaison Librarian, or a member of the Library Customer Services team. 

  • We might be able to purchase a book (or additional copies of a book for you). Just get in touch with your Academic Liaison Librarian. 

  • If there's a book or journal article you would like to access that we don't have in our collection at Brunel, apply for an Inter Library Loan. This means you can request a book or journal article and get it delivered either electronically or physically to our library.  

  • If you want to visit another university library, you can join SCONUL. The SCONUL scheme allows you to access to print resources in most other university libraries in the UK and Ireland, but it is a service that you have to sign up for, and you will need to book an appointment. 

  • If you want to see whether another university has a book or journal you need, you can search their catalogue. There are some recommended libraries in the next column. 

  • If there are books and/or other material that we don't have and you can easily commute into London then you may want to sign up for a British Library Reader Pass. Find out how to use the British Library for reference purposes and sign up for a reader pass here


Useful Libraries in and around London

There are lots of libraries you can consider exploring in addition to what we offer at Brunel, here are some of the most immediately relevant ones: