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You can use Library Search to find almost anything that the library holds and it's an easy way to find books and eBooks:



Finding Books in the Library

Use Library Search or the Library Catalogue to find the shelf number for a particular book... make a note of it because it will help you find it in the library. Since Art Psychotherapy is such a multi-disciplinary subject you will find relevant books in different sections of the library. Be prepared to explore! Here are some key shelf numbers and the floors you will find them on: 

Subject Shelfmark Floor
Visual Arts (Architecture, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Decorative Arts, etc) NA 2
Art (General - including Anthropology of Art etc) NX 2
Education L7-991 2
Medicine (General) R 2
Psychiatry (Including Psychotherapy, Counselling, Art Therapy, etc) RC435-571 2
Psychology BF 1
Research Methods (Social Sciences) H61-62 1
Social Sciences (General) H 1


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