Using the Library : Using the Library

Do I need to join?

All new students are automatically registered with the Library. For those starting in September there is no need to visit the Help Desk, you can start borrowing at the self issue kiosks whenever you are ready. If you do encounter a problem then please speak to a member of Library staff. 

All new members of staff can join the Library. Just visit the Help Desk with your University ID and a copy of your contract of employment and we'll get your account up and running in no time.

Your University ID card which also allows you to access the Library turnstiles is also your Library card. If you ever receive a replacement Brunel ID card, then please let us know as we will need to update your record. 

How do you like to study?

We offer a variety of study environments, in zones that are largely set by floor:

Quiet Study Floors 0, 1 and 2 of the Library, and the Law Library on Floor 3, are designated for Quiet study - some level of quiet discussion is acceptable. Due to COVID-19 there is no group working allowed and face coverings and 2 metre distancing must be maintained. People working in groups will be asked to move to their designated seat or leave the building.

Silent Study Floor 3 is designated for Silent study. Please ensure laptops, phones etc are switched to mute, and leave the area before answering calls. Only individual study is permitted in these areas. 

Code of Conduct

We aim to provide a pleasant and safe environment for everyone using the Library, whether a Brunel student, member of staff, or external visitor, and to this end we have a Code of Conduct, as follows:

  • Please turn off phone ringtones and set mobile devices to mute;
  • No hot or pungent smelling food is allowed in the Library, anywhere;
  • Only lidded and canned drinks are to be brought into the Library;
  • Please observe the noise restrictions clearly indicated on each floor;
  • Please treat others with courtesy.

This code is in addition to the Library Rules, which apply to everyone using the Library.

Group Study Rooms

If you would like to work together on a project or to prepare a presentation, there are bookable group study rooms on Floors 1, 2 and 3, including two rooms which seat up to 10 people. Follow the link below to make a booking and for more information on using the rooms. Please note these rooms are heavily used by groups throughout the year, are not for single person study and should be booked in advance where possible.