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Studying from home during holidays

If you are studying from home during holidays you can still access all our online resources such as journal articles, ebooks and online FAQs via the Library homepage.

If you are off campus make sure you log in via the Library homepage by clicking on our "Access resources off-campus"

Where to study in the Library

There are a variety of spaces in the Library to suit your study style.

The third floor (excluding the Law Library) is Silent Study. So devices should be on silent, and no conversations allowed. During the exam period the majority of floor 2 is also silent. If you are not sure which zone you are in take a look at the posters around you on the walls, which should make it clear what the designation of that area is.

The rest of our floors are for quiet study or group study. In the Learning Commons area on floor 1 you can find flexible flat study spaces and the ground floor provides computer spaces.

You can also book a Group Study room to work together.

During the exam periods, if you find the area you are working in is getting too noisy or you would like some help get in touch with us by text on 02033222298.


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Accessing other libraries

If you are going home during vacation periods you may be able to make use of other academic and public libraries.

Academic libraries

Brunel University students and staff can use other libraries for reference, to borrow books, or as an alternative place to work or study. SCONUL Access is an access scheme, granting reference and/or borrowing privileges to library users working or studying at participating higher education libraries in the UK and Ireland. The level of access you get depends on whether you are a member of staff, or what type of student you are. You can apply for SCONUL Access online before the end of term.

Before visiting another library, search their online homepage to check opening hours, for specific items, or to browse their collections. Checking access before you travel is especially important during exam periods as many university libraries do not allow visitor access during busy periods.

Public libraries

You can join any public library, regardless of where the Library is located. You will be able to set up an account, borrow books and use their online resources.

  • Hillingdon libraries. Joining Hillingdon libraries will enable you to borrow from the public library in Uxbridge and to access their electronic resources, within the library and often remotely.

Vacation Opening Hours

During vacations and at the start and the end of the academic year there are variations in our opening pattern, which are advertised in the Library or on these pages. There may also be times when extreme weather or other occurrences limit the availability of some services.

If you are planning a trip to us outside term time please get in touch first to confirm our opening times.