Using the Library : Reservations

What if the item I want is on loan?

If all copies of a longloan item are on loan, you can reserve a copy by placing a reservation for it. As soon as a copy becomes available the Library will keep it for you on our open access reservation shelves, opposite the Help Desk. We will email you to let you know that it is available for collection. You have seven days in which to collect it before it is placed back on the shelves for others to borrow. If you have given us your mobile phone number then we will also text you that your reservation is available.

Where do I collect my reserved item?

When you receive an email notifying you that your Reservation is available then you can collect it from the Reservation shelf. Please collect it promptly, as there may be other users wishing to use the same item. It will be shelved in alphabetical order of your surname. Once you have found the item you can borrow it using the Self Issue kiosk.

What if an item I have borrowed is reserved by someone else?

When this happens you will receive an email notifying you that the items has been recalled and the due date amended.

This notice gives you a further seven days to return the item to us, either in person or by post if you are unable to visit the Library.