Using the Library : Overdue charges

Overdue items and recall charges

Overdue items: The Library operates a charge free policy on overdue items with the exception of Recalled items. Items overdue by 2 weeks and more will not accrue overdue charges but will be assumed to have been Lost and the replacement cost of the book(s) will be applied to your Library account.

Recall charges: Long Loan items can be recalled if another user requests them, but only after you have had them for 2 weeks. When you receive a recall notice you have 14 days to return the item to us. If the item has not been returned within the 14 day grace period, recall charges are applied at £2 per day.

Lost book invoices: Items more than 2 weeks overdue will be assumed to be lost and an invoice for the replacement costs will be applied to your Library account. If the item remains overdue for more than 14 days from the date of the invoice, it will be passed to Student Finance and become a University Bill. Items returned 6 months or more after the invoice becomes a University Bill will not clear the invoice and it will have to be paid in full. At this point the Library is likely to have replaced the lost material to maintain adequate resources for our students. The cost of having to provide a replacement will therefore be recovered from the original borrower of the lost material.


Ways to pay

You can pay Library charges in the following ways: 

Online: From the library home page select My Library Account.

  • This will link you through to the Library catalogue homepage 
  • Select My Account from the top of the page.
  • You will be prompted to log in using your Id card number and library PIN.
  • Select the Fines tab
  • This will show you the charges on your account and give you an option to pay all or specific charges using your credit or debit card. 

Self Service kiosks:

  • At the kiosk select Account
  • Scan your ID card and log in with your PIN
  • Select Pay fines 
  • You will be given the option to pay selected charges, pay a specific amount or pay all
  • Once you have made your selection follow the instructions on the screen for using contactless card payment.

NB: We now run a cashless service.



Questions about fines?

If charges on your account reach £20 (including charges still accruing from overdue items) then an automatic Block is applied which will stop you renewing or borrowing further items - as charges will still accrue it is important that you always notify us of any problems with returning or renewing overdue items. 

If you believe a charge has been wrongly applied to your account, or would like us to take mitigating factors into account, then please contact the Library via one of the channels listed below, giving full details.

If you have incurred charges which have led to a block being placed on your account and you are unable to pay them in a single transaction, you may make a partial payment that brings the amount below £20 to unblock the account and allow you to continue to use your account. Where this amount still exceeds what you can pay in a single transaction, you can still make a partial payments but you would not be able to use your account until the amount falls below £20. Please contact us if you urgently need to use your account but cannot pay the fines below £20.

Communication channels:

In person at the Help Desk during our published opening hours


Telephone: 01895 266141

FAQs: link on the Library home page

Chat: tab on the library home page