Psychology: Websites

Subject websites

Anyone can publish content on the internet, carefully evaluate free information according to the following criteria:

  • Accuracy: Can you verify the facts provided on this site? Is a methodology stated?
  • Authenticity: Consider the author’s credentials. Is it academic discussion? Who owns the site?
  • Objectivity: Are arguments presented fairly? Is the information biased in its presentation?
  • Coverage: Is adequate detail provided? Is the information too basic, too complex or irrelevant?
  • Currency: Is the information time sensitive? When was this website last updated?

A range of scales and questionnaires provided from validated psychology research

Information about some available scales and questionnaires for clinicians and health professionals. NB. Not all these scales are available in full. 

Educational Testing Service (ETS) Test Collection

Approx. 25,000 tests are indexed with information on availability. Tests are principally from North America, but there are also some tests from the UK and Australia. NB. This site is for finding out about the availability of the test, and may often lead to commercial providers. 

Psychological Tests for student use

This website has a small number of test that have been uploaded for student use with the authors permission. 

           A website containing information on assessment practices and containing some tests. 

Web search tips

Google Scholar. Try using this to limit your search to scholarly sources.

Google Scholar Search

Google Advanced Search. You can search within a particular domain eg This will limit your search to UK government publications.

Or, instead of searching the Internet, go directly to the source. We have selected some websites here that could be useful to your search.

"Double quotation marks". If you're searching for the title of a document or searching for a phrase, enclose your search in "double quotation marks".