LibSmart: Help and Advice

Academic Liaison Librarians


Your Academic Liaison Librarian can help you find your way around, get started finding resources for your first assignment, ongoing essays and your dissertations and final year projects. We also help with referencing queries and referencing software.

Come and talk to us at the LibSmart Point (details below), if you want to drop in.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment in advance to see your Department’s own Librarian.


LibSmart Point




Help is available from Academic Liaison Librarians
at the LibSmart Point in the Learning Commons:

Monday - Friday 12-5pm (term time)


  The Learning Commons is situated on the first floor of the Library. You will find a mixture of PCs and comfy seating, allowing you to study on your own or to work with groups.




Subject Guides

Subject guides contain contact details for your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Additionally, they provide tailored information, such as relevant databases and websites, to specific subjects.

Further ways to get help

LibAnswers FAQs/ask a question/chat

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See your subject guide for your SLL's tweets and handle

Chat is offline Make an appointment
See your subject guide for your SLL's appointment availability