Education: Books and eBooks

Searching for Books and eBooks

You can use Library Search to find almost anything that the library holds and it's an easy way to find books and eBooks:



Finding Books in the Library

Use Library Search or the Library Catalogue to find the shelf number for a particular book... make a note of it because it will help you find it in the library. While most of the books relating to education are in roughly the same section on floor 2, there will be interrelated topics spread throughout the library. Here are some key shelf numbers and the floors you will find them on: 

Subject Shelfmark Floor
Education (General) L 2
Primary Education LA633 2
Secondary Education LB1607 2
Higher Education LA637 2
Assessment LB3051 2
Educational Psychology LB1051 2
Gifted and Talented LC3993 2
Special Education LB3955 2
Children's Fiction PZ 2