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Sometimes it’s a bit confusing when certain books don’t automatically renew after 4 weeks




Thank you for your feedback. We understand that it can be confusing when books don't automatically renew as you were expecting. We have uploaded a new video explaining our automatic renewals on our social feeds as well as our way-finders and digital screens. More information can be found in Help and FAQs on the library website.

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Better availability and support with statistical software




We have introduced a new dedicated room for financial resources. Let us know what you think by submitting your feedback. 

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The library is the most important place in Uni, should never close or have breaks, it is very important that the library is available 24/7, knowing that this is a University and we are students 



The Library is open 24/7 during term time. We monitor library usage throughout the day via a headcount. Current usage statistics suggest that the library is not used as much during nights, weekends and holidays and our current opening hours reflect that while still offering the best value for money for students.

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