Service Standard: Brunel University Library Services Customer Charter

Brunel University Library Services Customer Charter

This statement describes what Library Services (“The Library”) will do for you as a library customer, and as quality services can only be delivered in partnership with our customers, also sets out what you need to do to help us to run the Library more effectively.

Library Services staff will be helpful and courteous in their dealings with customers and are committed to the University Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy's aims to create an inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment for our whole community. A contact name and telephone number will be provided in all correspondence. 

We are committed to securing feedback from our customers through regular surveys and through the use of feedback cards, e-mail and other appropriate channels. Please let us know what you think. If you have a suggestion, comment or complaint about this Customer Charter or any aspect of our services, you can let us know by using one of the contact us options.

The Library Will

  • provide access to relevant learning materials to support your course of study 

  • liaise with academic staff to ensure that material relevant to students' (and researcher) needs is acquired by the Library 

  • maintain an online catalogue of its holdings and make it accessible on various devices 

  • make available written and on-line guides to the Library and its services and provide introductory guidance to new students through pre-arranged induction sessions 

  • provide access to a range of electronic information sources 

  • respond promptly to enquiries made in person, by telephone, in writing or by email 

  • provide an information service during the hours advertised 

  • provide you with information about your borrowing entitlement and maintain a record of all books on loan. You will have access to your own borrower record and the Library will maintain confidentiality for all borrower information 

  • provide self-issue/return facilities the Bannerman Centre 

  • provide a reservation service for material which is not available and a search service for books which cannot be found on the shelves 

  • offer an Inter-Library Loan service to supplement the Library's holdings 

  • provide study space catering for a variety of different needs 

  • provide self-service photocopier/scanners  

  • co-operate with other SCONUL libraries to facilitate access for Brunel University students 

  • make its complaints procedure known and deal with complaints within the specified timeframes, providing a contact name and number 

To help us achieve our aims, as a customer, you:

  • should abide by the Library regulations and Community Pledge, treating other customers and Library staff with courtesy and consideration at all times 

  • must have your University ID card to gain entry to the Library 

  • should observe noise restrictions in quiet/silent study areas. Mobile phones must be switched to silent on entry and calls must not be made or received, except in the designated areas 

  • should attend any induction sessions arranged for you during the first few weeks of your course 

  • are responsible for all items borrowed on your card and for knowing the date when they should be returned 

  • must return or renew all items on or before the date due back, or earlier if asked to do so 

  • must not lend your card to any other person and must be in possession of your card in order to borrow. You must report a lost card immediately 

  • must observe the law and licensing agreements relating to copyright and reproduction 

  • must never attempt to remove material which has not been issued to you or deface or damage any item of library material. Offenders will be subject to disciplinary action under University procedures 

  • should show consideration for other customers by leaving the study areas clean and tidy. Please put litter in the recycling bins 

  • must notify the University (or the Library directly if an external member) of a change of address immediately. Failure to do so does not excuse you from responding to recall notices 

  • must not smoke or vape in any of the Library spaces or near the Library entrance 

  • must not bring hot or strong smelling food into the library as per our regulations. 


Author: Head of Library Services 

Last updated: 27 April 2022 

Acknowledgement: this Charter is based on one originally produced by the University of Liverpool University Library