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You Said

There are a lot of things the library offers that I wasn't aware of when I started the year.




Thank you for your feedback. We're very proud of the different services we offer and we're doing more to promote them. This year we've hosted tours during Welcome Week, produced a Welcome video for new students, promoted our services on social media, created new easier to read Digital Screen designs to promote our services, delivered a presentation to the Brunel Buddies, re-organised our website and renamed Library FAQs to Help and FAQs to help students find them. If you have any suggestions for how we can make things easier to find, please let us know! 

You Said


  In person contact is good. Sometimes responses lack via email.



We have implemented a new quarterly satisfaction rating survey for email responses. The survey will run for 1 week every quarter and will ask customers to rate the email response they have received. Many of our teams also review email responses. If you ever feel like you need more information please let us know and we'll be happy to help. 

You Said


Sometimes my emails have bounced to another sub-section of the library team.



The library service consists of many different teams. Sometimes one team may be better suited to answering specific emails than others, so we may refer emails to a different team. Our priority is in giving our customers the correct information as quickly as possible. 

You Said

People at the scan in are harsh with cards.




We apologise for any inconvenience regarding the No ID, No Access policy. Students are encouraged to carry Student ID with them at all times when on campus. This ID is vital for entering buildings, labs and rooms across campus including the library. These security measures have helped reduce the number of anti-social behaviour incidents in the library. If you have lost your card you can purchase a new one from the Student Centre. If the Student Centre is closed the library are also able to print replacement cards for a small fee.        

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