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Can be easy to get lost when looking for a book.





We are aware that some of our signage is out of date and can cause confusion. We are working with Central Service to update library signage. In the meantime, if you're struggling to find a book please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help you find it. 

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Make sure that it’s silent, nonsense such as noise stays out of the library 




We've found that many of our students have different preferences when it comes to studying. Some prefer silence while others prefer to study together. We have tried to reflect these needs by creating different study zones within the library so that there is a dedicated space for your preferred type of study. If you experience any disturbances in the silent study area please let us know. 

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More booths spaces for group studying 




We're glad to see students like our study booths! We're working with Central Services to introduce more to the library. Please let us know what you think of our study booths, which ones you prefer, what colours you would like and how large or small you would like them to be so that we can consider your needs when purchasing more. 

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Make the library studying places more beautiful  and have more security when there's no quiet.




We will be looking to improve the library spaces during our upcoming refurbishment. We currently have 2 security guards present in the library throughout the day and night who respond to noise complaints and rove the library. Please let us know if an area your in is particularly noisy. 

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  Have more comfortable/ cushioned chairs and private reading spaces.




We are working with other teams to prove better furniture in the library. As part of this process we are trailing different chairs and study pods. Please let us know what you think of the different furniture options so that we know what to purchase in the future. 

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Change the room booking services, you should be able to book for more than 2 hours, if booking is required. Or not book at all.



Our Group Study Rooms are heavily used throughout the day. We have introduced the booking system so that everyone has a fair chance to use the rooms. These rooms are intended for group use and each member of the group has the opportunity to book a 2 hour slot.  

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Place water filters inside the library




We have water fountains on every floor of the library. In an effort to reduce waste we ask that students bring their own re-usable bottles/flasks. 

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