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Below are recent articles (co-)authored by Brunel academic staff. Please click the title of the article to access the full-text.

  • Chitosan-based coatings and films incorporated with essential oils: applications in food models
    Noori, S.M.A. et al
    Journal of food measurement and characterization, Apr 2023
    Increasing the shelf life of foods is of the most important interests for both industries and researchers. Application of natural, edible and environmental-friendly materials for food packaging is one of the most consensus solutions worldwide. This paper reviews the antioxidant and antimicrobial characteristics of chitosan-based coatings and films developed by nano-techniques. Moreover, the impacts of the mentioned coatings and films on food quality and shelf life are evaluated...

  • Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Mikania glomerata and Mikania laevigata Extracts
    Borghi, A.A. et al
    Pharmacognosy Research, Vol 15, No 1, p128-137 (Jan-Mar 2023)
    Objectives: To determine the activity of fractions obtained by countercurrent chromatography pooled based on their TLC and UHPLC-MS chromatographic profiles.  Conclusion: Both species contain compounds that effectively reduced anti-oxidant defense system components, but none of these fractions significantly reduced inflammatory markers, suggesting that the reported anti-inflammatory activity of these species may be mediated by oxidative stress reduction.

  • Biomimetic bone tissue structure: An ultrastrong thermal energy storage wood
    Lin, X.X. et al
    Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol 457, Art 141351, Feb 2023
    Phase change material (PCM) with thermal energy storage capacity and automatic temperature regulation hold tremendous potential for construction energy conservation. However, conventional PCMs often exhibits liquid leakage, volume change and insufficient mechanical property, which are prone to load-bearing accidents, hindering their application as an engineering building material...

  • The role of aeroponic container farms in sustainable food systems - The environmental credentials
    Rivera, X.S. et al
    Science of the Total Environment, Vol 860, Art 160420, Jan 2023
    Sustainable food production and consumption are key to face the current climate and environmental crisis, hence innovation to produce food with lower impacts are taking more attention. Controlled environment agriculture, also known as vertical farming, is seen as one innovative approach to reduce impacts of producing food while also improving food security....

  • Defect Detection and Imaging in Composite Structures Using Magnetostrictive Patch Transducers
    Zitoun, A. et al
    Sensors, Vol 23, No 2, Art 600, Jan 2023
    The use of thin magnetostrictive patches to generate and detect guided waves within the composite samples is investigated for defect detection. This approach has been implemented using SH0 shear horizontal guided waves in both CFRP and GFRP plates. A magnetostrictive patch transducer was able to generate SH0 waves with known directional characteristics....

  • A hybrid solidification enhancement in a latent-heat storage system with nanoparticles, porous foam, and fin-aided foam strips
    Ben Khedher, N. et al
    Journal of Energy Storage, Vol 56, Pt B, Art 106070, Dec 2022
    This study examines the fin-aided foam strip as a hybrid enhancer for overcoming the relatively low thermal response of erythritol as PCM in a triple-pipe containment system. Four different enhancement additives, including porous foam, graphene nanoparticles, longitudinal fins, and foam strips within the same volume limitations, were compared and tested via applying an experimentally validated simulation model to verify the functionality of the proposed thermal enhancers...

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