Brunel Language Centre: Overview

Welcome to Brunel Library

This guide is designed to give you information to help you find your way around the Library and make the most of the resources available to you. You might also find the following resources useful:

You will be automatically registered with the Library and can start borrowing at the self-issue machines whenever you are ready. Your university ID card is also your Library card.

Code of Conduct

We aim to provide a pleasant and safe environment for everyone using the Library, whether a Brunel student, member of staff, or external visitor, and to this end we have a Code of Conduct, as follows:

  • Please turn off phone ringtones and set mobile devices to mute
  • No hot food is allowed in the Library, anywhere
  • Please observe the noise restrictions clearly indicated on each floor
  • Please treat others with courtesy

Library glossary

Catalogue: searchable list of items held by the Library.

Library Search: tool for searching for books and online material.

Loan period: the length of time you can borrow the book.

Borrow: take the book for a certain length of time.

Shelfmark: the reference used to help you locate a book. This can be found in the item record on the catalogue and also on the spine of the book. It is made up of a set of numbers and letters.

Fine: a charge payable if the book is returned late.

Reservation: if all copies of the book are on loan, you can place a reservation (hold) so that you get the next copy that is returned

Renew: to add more time to your loan so you can take it for longer. Not all books can be renewed.

  • Shelves: the item is available for you to borrow
  • On loan: the item is being used by someone else. If you wanted this book, you could place a hold on it so you get the next copy that is returned.

Journal: a collection of articles, normally on a particular subject, published on a regular basis. Journals can be in print or electronic format.