Biosciences: Overview


Welcome to the Biosciences guide which highlights key resources and information in this subject area.

Books are shelved over Floors 1-2, and all print journals can be found on Floor 3. If you want to browse, here are some key shelf marks to get you started. Alternatively, to do a more thorough search, use the library search below.

For up to date and scholarly articles use specialist subject databases. For suggestions on appropriate sources look at our Databases - Best Bets tab.

Subject Shelfmark Floor
Biochemistry QD415 2
Genetics QH426-470 2
Immunology QR180-189.5 2
Cancer RC254-282 2

There is also a great deal on information to be found on the web if used responsibly, check out our websites tab for some sites and information on critically evaluating them.

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