Service Standard: Library Service Standards


In order to deliver our 5 year strategic plan and core mission in a transparent and publicly accountable way, we set out below various service standards for our different services and functions which we will strive to meet or exceed.  

We also commit to evaluate and publish our performance against targets throughout the academic year and also undertake to review the standards themselves at least every two years with the relevant stakeholders to make sure that we are continuing to meet the realistic expectations of our various customer groups. In time, we would hope to be able to benchmark some of these standards against other comparable departments or institutions. These standards will also be used to assess how we are meeting the University Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy's aims to create an inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment for our whole community.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on these, please email them to and we will respond quickly as specified below! 

Tim Wales, Head of Library Services 
Last updated: 25 March 2022 



Service Objective Team Owner Target Service Standard Q4
Rapid Book returns Library Customer Services 80% Items reshelved correctly within 24 hours of return time 82%
Rapid book order turnaround (print and ebooks) Content & Discovery 90% of requests available to access within 10 working days for print and 7 working days ebooks 95%


Enquiry turnaround

Service Objective Team Owner Target Service Standard

Q4 score

Quick response to enquires no matter what contact method was used and the time of year Library Customer Services 92% enquiries (email, SMS) responded to within 24 hours  98%
Library Customer Services 92% phone calls answered within 60 seconds 98%
Library Customer Services 95% webchat enquiries responded to within 1 minute (24/7)   94%
Library Academic Services 90% enquiries responded to within 1 working day (all contact methods)  90%
Content & Discovery 95% of all enquiries received for Document Delivery service or e-Resources will receive initial response within 1 working day 84%
Open Research & Rights 95% enquiries responded to within 1 week day (all contact methods)  TBC


Open Research Support

Service Objective Team Owner Target Service Standard  Q4
Provide funder-compliant decisions on open access funding Open Research & Rights Decision within 5 working days of receipt 66%


Records, Archives & Special Collection

Services Staff / Students Q4 External users Q4
Records Management Enquiries 90% of replies replied within 2 working days 100% N/A N/A
Archives and Special Collection Enquires

95% of replies replied within 1 working week


Reply within 2 working weeks


Customer Satisfaction

Service Objective Team Owner Target Service Standard Q4 
Provide high quality email support Library Customer Services Average quarterly satisfaction score for is >=4.5/5  4.5
Provide high quality webchat support Library Customer Services Average quarterly satisfaction score for Library WebChat is >=3.5/4 



Customer Satisfaction (Centrally Run Library Teaching)

Service Objective Team Owner Target Service Standard 19/20 Annual Year  
Provide Library training to a high standard Library Academic Services Average yearly satisfaction score is >= 75% 85%


National Student Survey Scores

Service Objective Team Owner 2021  2022
Provide collections to, support, and services to a high standard Head of Library Services 66% 82% 


Trend Analysis

NSS Library Satisfaction Score


Brunel Library has identified the following quarterly breakdown for CSE scores. 
Q1: October - December
Q2: January - March
Q3: April - June
Q4: July - September