Information sources: Newspapers


There is a selection of news databases offered by Brunel University London and external sources. This guide highlights some specific newspaper databases. The 'Search All' option on Brunel's Library homepage can also be used to search for newspaper articles. If you have problems logging in or searching any of these resources, please ask a member of staff at our Help Desk, or alternatively contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Public library newspaper databases

A number of full-text digital news archives can be accessed remotely via registration with local public library services. Commonly, you may register with any borough's public library service regardless of where you live in the UK. Examples in the London area include:

Hillingdon public libraries subscribe to the following full-text news service:

  • British Newspaper Archive (provides access to millions of digitised newspaper pages from the 18th century onwards; only available within Hillingdon Libraries)

Westminster City Council Libraries subscribe to the following full-text news services:

  • The Economist 1843-2015
  • The Times Digital Archive 1785-2014
  • The Illustrated London News 1842-2003
  • Picture Post 1938-1957
  • Newsbank (archive of national and regional newspapers and magazines)

The British Library Newspaper Collections

Formerly held in Colindale, North London, the BL newspaper collections have been transferred to Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. However, a 'Newsroom' is now open at the St Pancras site providing microfilm copies of the 15 most highly used newspaper titles which are available on open-access shelves and also included are 40 digital microfilm readers. Print newspapers stored in the National Newspapers Building take 48 hours to arrive at the Newsroom or the Boston Spa Reading Room. Microfilm newspapers are delivered to the Newsroom at St Pancras within 70 minutes of request.  Microfilm is currently not available to order to the Boston Spa Reading Room.  

National news

International News

Brunel newspaper databases

The following UK newspapers date back as follows, available via Nexis and Lexis Library - select 'News' in the menu bar:

  • The Daily Telegraph from 10/2000
  • The Guardian from 07/1984
  • The Independent from 09/1988
  • The Times from 07/1985
  • The Daily Mail from 01/1992
  • The Express from 10/1999

See the databases listed below and also the section titled 'Public library newspaper databases' for information on accessing alternative UK historical news content dating back through the centuries.