How to use resources: Reading lists

Where to find your reading list

Reading lists are the first place to start when looking for information for your subject.

Reading lists are written by academics to indicate important readings for a module or study block. Most lists include book, book chapter or article readings, but you will also find recommendations for website, video sharing platforms, guidelines, legal information, reports and lots of other information sources. Lists are organised either by weekly reading, topic reading or by reading importance level. 

Where possible, we will make your reading list available online. Each item on the list links to further details with availability information, and in the case of ebooks and e-journals, link to the online version.

Log in to Brightspace and check your modules/blocks for the Reading List unit to access the list.

Alternatively, you can search the reading list system below by module or study block number.

If you item you need is already out on loan, go to the Library books catalogue to:

  • check to see if we have an alternative edition in print or online. 
  • check for older editions. Often the previous edition of a textbook will contain similar, or the same, content. 
  • find an alternative book on the same topic. 
  • reserve the book by placing a 'Click & Collect' request on the item record in the Library books catalogue.