Referencing: Write-N-Cite

Which Write-N-Cite version?

If you use Microsoft Word 2016 and below on Windows 10 or earlier operating systems, the appropriate RefWorks add-in  to use is Write-n-Cite 4.

You can download Write-n-Cite 4 to your own PC or laptop from the RefWorks. There is a version for Apple users, see the "Downloading Write-n-Cite" box on the right, .

For new users to RefWorks, we recommend that you use RefWorks Citation Manager.

Using Write-N-Cite 4

Write-N-Cite 4 is an add-in in Microsoft Word. The RefWorks tab is added at the right hand end of the tabs.

When you select this tab, log in using your RefWorks username and password. Word will then synchronise data with your RefWorks account and you can start using it.

When you have logged in using your RefWorks credential, the icons will colour in.

First select your output style in the drop-down: you will need to choose "select other styles" and then pick the appropriate style, eg "Harvard (Brunel University 2013/14)".

To insert a new citation:

  • Insert citation;
  • Insert New;
  • Type author or keyword in search box and press return;
  • From the matching references select the one you want;
  • The preview citation box will show the citation as it will appear;
  • If necessary choose Hide author;
  • If necessary put page numbers in Suffix box;
  • Select OK.

First place your cursor where you wish your bibliography to appear. In the RefWorks tab:

  • Ensure the Output style is correct - eg Harvard (Brunel University 2013/14);
  • Select Bibliography and Insert bibliography.

Your bibliography will be created in the correct order.

Once this bibliography has been created, each citation you add to the text will automatically have its reference inserted in the correct place in the bibliography.

Downloading Write-N-Cite

On your own devices:

  • Select Tools on the RefWorks toolbar and select Write-N-Cite from the drop down list.
  • Select the version you wish to download (see "Which Write-N-Cite?" section).
  • Follow the instructions to download Write-N-Cite.