Online Resources FAQs: Further help

I'm having problems accessing resources

You may occasionally encounter problems with access to resources. This could be because:

  • There are temporary problems with the university computer network - you can check at the Techzone or view the service status page.
    Try again later following the "How do I log in?" section.
  • There may be a problem with an individual resource, eg: it is down for maintenance. Consult the Databases web page for an alternative link or check the Brunel Library Twitter account as we will post updates where a site is experiencing problems.
  • There may be a problem with Brunel's online subscription - contact the Library for help.
  • There may a problem with your University network account.If you followed the procedures in the "How do I log in?" section above and you were unable to sign in you may use the Password Portal to reset your password. If that doesn't work, you may need to contact or visit the Tech Zone in the Library for further assistance.
  • You are off campus - to gain access you may try to find an institutional login link to login via the UK Federation (the link may be called: Login, Institutional login, Academic login, Shibboleth, UK Access Management Federation, etc, etc.)
    Our entity is: "Brunel University" - please note: except for a few NHS-commissioned Health Sciences courses, Brunel does not use the OpenAthens Access Management System so do not try to connect via this service.
  • Your browser settings are blocking access...
    Check your browser's settings:
    - is it enabled to accept cookies? - are you using privacy mode which may mean you have to log in repeatedly?
    - is the pop-up blocker setting preventing a pop-up from opening?
    - Do you have a toolbar which may block access, for example the Yahoo toolbar?
  • Still no access? We recommend that you try using a different browser:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

What do I do if I cannot find what I need through online resources?

First, check the Library catalogue to find out if what you need is available in print. The Library will normally try to get hold of material recommended on your reading lists. If you are an undergraduate, the Library will hold most, if not all, of the material you need to consult.

If you are a postgraduate or researcher, you may want to make use of resources we do not have in stock. In this instance, you may wish to:

Copyright information

You have access to several copyright resources through Brunel's Online Library collection and your use is governed by copyright law and licensing regulations and by additional terms and conditions set by the copyright owners or their agents. You must ensure that your use complies with these as well as the Brunel Acceptable Computer Use Policy.

Use of resources is for your personal educational / research use only. Commercial use is prohibited. For information on permitted uses of copyright material for learning and teaching, see our copyright advice pages.

Copies printed, downloaded or stored may only be used for the purposes of private study or research unless otherwise authorised in the terms and conditions of use. You are required to check the terms and conditions of use each time you access any electronic resources. It is advisable to delete or destroy any copies made at the end of your course of study.

Copies may not be transferred, sold or otherwise distributed to any other users, except where explicitly authorised by the terms of use, licence, explicit permission from the rights owner or by an Act of Parliament.

The Brunel University network is monitored: your actions may be recorded and logged. Resource providers also monitor and log use of their resources. Fraudulent or unauthorised use of resources may lead to police investigation and subsequent civil or criminal proceedings. Users found to be in breach of licence agreements will be will be subject to appropriate Academic Appeals and Disciplinary Matters (refer to Senate Regulation 6) as detailed in the Library Code of Conduct and RulesBrunel Acceptable Computer Use Policy and University Rules, Regulations and Policies in the relevant Student Handbook.