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Subject Shelfmark Floor
Corrosion TA462 / TA467 2
Disasters in Engineering TA495 2
Engineering mathematics - Probabilistic and statistical methods TA340 2
Environmental effects of of industries and plants TD194-195 2
Failure of materials. Fracture TA409 2
Gas industry TP751-762 2
Impact dynamics TA418 2
Joining of metals (incl. fasteners, rivets, soldering, welding etc) TS227-228 2
Mining - Gas TN880 2
Mining - Oil TN870-879 2
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) TA417 2
Offshore structures TC1655-1800 2
Petroleum refining TP690-692 2
Photography in engineering TR702 2
Testing of materials TA410-418 2


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