Structural integrity: Databases

Useful resources

Tips for searching

Finding too much?

If you are finding too much, try adding a few more keywords or restricting your database searches to particular fields, such as the "title" field.  Authors of papers will put important words in the title of their papers, so if the word is in the title, the paper will be more relevant to you.

Or try and narrow your date range, and restrict your search to say the last 5- or 10-years?  

Finding too little?

Try expanding your search by using the "OR" operator and add some synonyms for example:

  • "nondestructive" AND (testing OR evaluation)

Not finding what you need?

Try a different database - The Library subscribes to several databases, and some will be more geared towards engineering topics than others.

Need some help?

Then come and talk to me and we can find the right sources to search to find the information you need.  Ways to contact me are available via my LibGuide profile page.