Additional Library e-resources for remote study: Overview

A-Z of resources with temporary access for remote study

The Library often makes available resources on a temporary basis in order to trial and evaluate them. Many publishers and suppliers of online resources have responded to the current COVID-19 situation by making additional resources available to help support you at this time. We will list as many as we can here, and several are already searchable using the usual library search. Please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for more details.

Please get in touch with your Academic Liaison Librarian if you have feedback on these resources or would like the Library to consider these items for the long-term. 

A-Z of resources with temporary access
Name of resource Description Trial dates
Alexander Street Press Collections
Expanded access

We currently have trial access to a number of collections, click through from the Databases A-Z on the library home page, these include:

  • African Diaspora 1860-Present
  • Global Issues Library
  • Music Online: Classical Scores Library
  • Theatre and Drama Premium
  • Women & Social Movements Library
Until 31/05/2020
American Institute of Physics To gain access, please log in or create an account and then click here to activate your free access. You must be logged in to Scitation to activate your free access. Until 31/05/2020
Annual Reviews Annual Reviews is a collection of journals that synthesise the research literature in a variety of subject disciplines, including Annual Reviews in Biochemistry, Immunology and Psychology. All journals are free to access for the extended access period. Until 15/06/2020 
Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Bloomberg Market Concepts is an e-learning programme with certification which helps you learn to use the database Bloomberg through an exploration of financial market concepts. Free access to the BMC is normally only available on the Bloomberg computers in the Library, but the programme is temporarily accessible to Brunel students and staff online. More information on the Data and Statistics Library Guide. Not applicable
Bloomberg Media

Bloomberg Media is a leading, global, multi-platform brand that provides decision-makers with timely news, analysis and intelligence on business, finance, technology, climate change, politics and more. Normally this is available from the Bloomberg Terminals on campus but due to the covid-19 pandemic, Bloomberg is offering students free digital subscriptions for the next three months. Go to, and register with your Brunel University email address. For more information, visit the offer page.

Until 31/07/2020
Bloomsbury Collections This contains over 6,000 ebook titles, featuring content from Bloomsbury’s latest research publications as well as a 100+ year legacy including Continuum, T&T Clark, Bristol Classical Press, Berg, The Arden Shakespeare and Hart Publishing. Click on the link provided, click on 'Log in' > Shibboleth login page > select 'Brunel University' then enter your Brunel network credentials. Until 31/05/2020
Bloomsbury Cultural History

Bloomsbury Cultural History is an extraordinary, fully cross-searchable digital resource that engages with culture throughout the ages from antiquity to modernity. Thanks to its interdisciplinary nature and ever-expanding collections, this unique digital reference tool promises to be an essential resource on many courses from cultural studies and sociology to history and anthropology. Click on the link provided, click on 'Log in' > Shibboleth login page > select 'Brunel University' then enter your Brunel network credentials.

Until 31/05/2020
Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies A combination of more than 70 eBooks, 400 articles, 60 policy reports and research tools, enables students to study and build an understanding of education systems, policies, and the nature of childhood and youth experience in different countries throughout the world. Click on the link provided, click on 'Log in' > Shibboleth login page > select 'Brunel University' then enter your Brunel network credentials. Until 31/05/2020
Bloomsbury Popular Music As well as the full-text content of  the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World and the 33 1/3 Global book series this digital library provides access to a range of scholarly books from Bloomsbury’s popular music studies list, comprising edited volumes, biographies, and historical overviews. Click on the link provided, click on 'Log in' > Shibboleth login page > select 'Brunel University' then enter your Brunel network credentials. Until 31/05/2020
British Online Archives

British Online Archives provides students and researchers in the humanities and social sciences with access to unique collections of primary source documents.

Until 31/05/2020
Cambridge Reference In addition to our existing Cambridge Journals package, we have temporary access to Cambridge Reference. This includes: Cambridge Companions, offering a short introduction to major writers, thinkers and creators, as well as topic and period guides. Cambridge History Online, containing over 350 reference works on subject areas including history, religion, literature and political thought. Elements, a combination of texts and articles on a variety of topic areas offering both an overview and an insight into the research. Until 31/05/2020
Churchill Archive Published in October 2012 by Bloomsbury Publishing in collaboration with the Churchill Archives Centre, the Churchill Archive is a digital library of modern international history. It includes more than 800,000 pages of original documents, produced between 1874 and 1965, ranging from Winston S. Churchill’s personal correspondence to his official exchanges with kings, presidents, politicians, and military leaders. Until 31/05/2020
Drama Online
Expanded access
In addition to the collections we have already purchased (the Core Collection of playtexts + the Nick Hern Books Collection) we have temporary access to the entire full-texts content which includes BBC Drama Films and Documentaries, Critical Studies and Performance Practice, The Donmar Shakespeare Trilogy on Screen, The Hollow Crown, L.A. Theatre Works, National Theatre Collection, The Royal Shakespeare Company Live, Shakespeare's Globe on Screen, Shakespeare's Heroes and Villains, Shakespeare in the Present, and Stage on Screen. Until 31/05/2020
De Gruyter Ebooks To facilitate e-learning during this period of working from home, De Gruyter has kindly extended temporary access to 75,000 DRM-free eBooks from 1650 to 2016 on until 30 June 2020. From Arts, Computer Science, Life Science and beyond. Until 30/06/2020
Eikon & Datastream for Office Eikon provides access to company, economic and financial data from around the world, over many years. Datastream, previously only available on computers in the Library, is now available via the Eikon desktop app. We have upgraded the number of full licences, and added nine trial licences. Details for full access to this resource will be updated on the Data and Statistics library guide after Easter. Please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for further support. Until 30/06/2020
Emerald Emerald Publishing has made freely available all its resources related to the management of epidemics and the coronavirus group of viruses. In addition, ebooks currently available via the Library as limited users licenses will temporarily have unlimited user access. Unlimited ebooks access available until 30/6/2020
Harvard Business Review Ebooks Unlimited access, kindly provided by EBSCO and Harvard Business Publishing, to the complete collection of 600 e-books covering a wide range of topic areas including newly published and seminal works plus 150+ compilation articles included in the HBR Classics series. Until 30/05/2020
Human Kinetics Library The Human Kinetics Library is a digital platform that hosts over over 150 ebooks and 200 videos related to sport and exercise science.  Until 31/05/2020
IGI Global Full access to over 5,000 reference books and over 200 research journals across many subject areas including business and management, education, law, computer science and information technology, medical, healthcare and life sciences Until 15/06/2020
JoVE JoVE (Journal of Visual Experiments) has made freely available some resources related to the COVID-19 and science education. Unlimited access available until 15/6/2020
JSTOR Expanded Access JSTOR has kindly opened up expanded access to the remaining, unsubscribed collections, to 26 journal archives in Public Health, as well as JSTOR Archive and Primary Source collections to support institutions with their research and teaching. More than 40 publishers have agreed to make more than 30,000 books freely available to libraries until 30th June 2020. Until 31/12/2020
Internet Archive Worldwide access to publishers' content preserved by the Internet Archive on the National Emergency Library, including scholarly books from many University Presses. Please see the National Emergency Library's FAQs for details. Until further notice
Law Trove Access to OUP Law textbooks Until 30/06/2020
Literary Encyclopedia This resource is a constantly evolving and updating repository of authoritative reference work about literary and cultural history. Articles are solicited by invitation from specialist scholars in higher education institutions all over the world, refereed and approved by subject editors. Until 30/06/2020
MacMillan Explorers: Politics and History  Online access to MacMillan academic etextbooks and resources in the history and politics subject areas.  Until 30/04/2020
Oxford University Press

OUP have created a hub with access to research and materials related to the COVID-19. In addition, there is temporary access to Oxford Competition LawOxford Constitutional Law,Oxford International Arbitration and Oxford Legal Research Library.


Until 31/05/2020

Pearson are giving free access to their core range of HE online resources across a range of disciplines, alongside English language online courseware to all UK and Irish universities. In addition, there are some options for trialing free access to ebooks available via aggregator suppliers. Please speak to your Academic Liaison Librarian to explore this. 

Politics Trove Oxford University Press offers a suite of resources which spans international relations to European politics, ideologies to strategy and security studies.  Until 30/06/2020
ProQuest One Academic Temporary access to a large multidisciplinary collection of 40 key databases from Proquest including journals, e-books, dissertations, videos and news. Subjects covered include business, social sciences, arts and humanities, education, science, engineering, health and medical. Until 19/05/2020
ProQuest One Literature This collection contains 5 million literature citations from thousands of journals, monographs, dissertations, and more than 500,000 primary works – including rare and obscure texts, multiple versions, and non-traditional sources like comics, theatre performances, and author readings. Until 31/05/2020
The Royal Society The Royal Society has kindly extended free access to its content freely available, including all journals and the picture library. Until further notice
Sage Extended access to Sage's collection of visual  and reference materials for research and study including:   Until 30/06/2020
Screen Studies This collection comprises ebook content from Bloomsbury, Faber & Faber and the British Film Institute to support moving-image studies, featuring screenplays, critical, contextual and practical books on films and filmmaking from the late nineteenth century to the present, expert overview articles on key themes, and an interactive timeline of cinema history. Click on the link provided, click on 'Log in' > Shibboleth login page > select 'Brunel University' then enter your Brunel network credentials. Until 31/05/2020
Skills for Study Skills for Study comprises of 12 self-paced, interactive online modules designed to develop and support academic skills. Modules include Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism, Reading and Note-making and Critical Thinking Skills.  Until 30/06/2020
Taylor & Francis A free trial of the current Politics collection which will provide access from 1997 to current, and for the Politics archive that will provide access from volume 1 (or the earliest volume) to 1996. Until 02/05/20

Free online access to a collection of more than 5,000 relevant journal articles, book chapters and entries in Wiley's major reference works. Access to research collections and information related to COVID-19.   In addition, materials on historical perspectives on epidemics, methods used to control their spread, and associated health policies, see: Europe, 1817 or UK, 1854 or Hastings, 1873 or Sydney, 1895.


Temporary resources by College

  • British Online Archives
    British Online Archives provides students and researchers in the humanities and social sciences with access to unique collections of primary source documents.

Access to OUP Law textbooks

Oxford University Press offers a suite of resources which spans international relations to European politics, ideologies to strategy and security studies. 

Support during Coronavirus outbreak

Your Academic Liaison Librarian will still be available to support you online. You can get help with:

  • Finding and using Library resources
  • Literature searching
  • Referencing and referencing software
  • Troubleshooting access to resources
  • Finding data

Please feel free to get in touch by email or LibChat. We can also arrange online consultations. 

Or you can take a look at one of our online guides include our Library Guides or Library webpages

You can also look on our Library webpages to get updated information on the Library opening hours and borrowing during this period. 

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