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Linking a publication to a grant or professional activity

BRAD has started to automatically populate grant information for individual users. Accordingly, it is now possible to link your publications to grants. Every time you claim or manually input a publication you will receive the following prompt towards the end of the process:

You simply need to click on the ‘link’ button to connect a publication with a grant. If the publication is not connected with a research grant then click on the ‘not externally funded’ option.

You can also link already claimed publications to a grant or a professional activity via the following steps:

1. Select the 'menu' tab at the top of your homepage and then select 'create links'.

2. You will then be taken to the following screen (see image to the right):

3. In the left hand column will be a list of your publications and in the right column will be a list of grants/professional activities. Tick the publication and grant/professional activity which are linked. An additional box will then appear at the bottom of the screen containing a button asking you to ‘create one new link’. Click on this button to establish the link.   




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Downloading a CV

It is also possible to generate an academic CV based on all of the information you have entered in to BRAD. This CV will include all of your publication and grant details as well as further professional activities which you have entered into the system.

On your homepage click on the ‘edit your profile’ button on the left hand side of the page.


This will take you through to your profile page where you will see a button in the top right corner named ‘CV and Reports’. Please click on this button.

A new window will then appear which will give you the option to create an academic CV. You can either download your CV as a Word document or PDF.








It is advised that you download initially as a Word document (.doc format) and save as the latest format (.docx) immediately so you will be able to modify and reorder the document and verify that the metadata is correct, especially the year of publication. Once you have made the appropriate edits you will be able to copy relevant sections into your promotion application or convert the document to PDF format.