BRAD | REF Eligibility | Funder Compliance: Depositing publications in BRAD

Depositing a publication

Deposit on Acceptance!

UKRI’s Open Access Policy for the next REF requires academic staff to deposit journal articles and published conference papers within three months of acceptance to remain eligible for the next REF. This will require you to deposit the accepted manuscript – the version after peer review but prior to publisher typesetting.

This is very simple to do in BRAD. Once you have logged in at  you will see the ‘accepted for publication?’ prompt on the right hand side of the page. If you click on the ‘deposit your work’ button you will be asked to record information for either a journal article or conference paper.

Once you have entered all the necessary information (title, author(s), journal, date of acceptance) you will be asked to deposit a file. This is where you will upload your accepted manuscript so that it can be made visible in BURA. Once you have uploaded the file you will need to click the ‘deposit my publication’ button (pictured left) to complete the process.



How do I check I have deposited?

If you would like to check that your article has been deposited you will need to return to your publication list and firstly check that the yellow button on the top right reads 'compact view.'







You will see a series of tabs underneath each publication, including one which says 'full text'. If you click on this tab you will see the following if you have successfully deposited a file:




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