Special Collections: Women's history

Women's History in Special Collections

Special Collections is home to a vast array of resources, many of which are of interest to researchers of women's history or feminism. They are outlined here.

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Transport History Collection

The Transport History Collection includes material from the Travellers' Aid Society, which assisted women travelling on their own.

Further information about the Transport History Collection.

Burnett Archive of Working-Class Autobiographies

The Burnett Archive includes many autobiographies by and/or about women, ranging in date from 1790 to 1945. To be included writers had to have been working class for at least part of their lives, writing in English and have lived for some time in England, Scotland or Wales between those dates.

Further information about the Burnett Archive.

Rare books & periodicals

The rare books and periodicals collection includes the Ladies Home Journal, documenting changing attitudes towards women. Our holdings cover the years 1940 to 1961.

Further information about rare books and periodicals.

Neglected Voices

Neglected Voices documents the experience of disabled people, including several women. Based on interviews conducted by Allan Sutherland, who then composed related transcription  poetry.

Further information about Neglected Voices.