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See here for full details on how to apply for central Brunel publishing funds for gold open access. You may be required to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) if you choose to publish articles via the "Gold" route.

This page contains information on how to apply for funds for APCs and who is eligible.

Request funding for APCs

About the funds

Brunel holds an institutional block grant from RCUK. These funds are allocated to the institution to help our researchers comply with their policy on open access. RCUK funds previously awarded to researchers for publishing costs should be used before applying to the grant.

For all other authors, Brunel has established a central fund available to all members of academic staff to support Gold open access publishing.

Other institutions hold block grants from RCUK, COAF (including the Wellcome Trust, ARUK, CRUK and other medical charity funders) and the BIS department to cover Gold open access charges. Co-authors at other institutions may have access to these additional funding streams.

How to Apply

Requests for gold open access are now made directly through the BRAD system. Please see the video herein or visit the open access roadmap page or brad userguide for more information.

  • Log in to BRAD
  • Go to the manual record screen of your publication
  • Scroll to the bottom of the record and select "yes" at the question, "Would you like to apply for APC funding"
  • Please enter details of the corresponding author's institution, if not Brunel
  • Please enter any additional information relevant to your request in the comments box, e.g. external sources of funding not held by Brunel.

Who can apply

Eligibility for open access funds is determined by a number of criteria:

Author – People who may apply for funds include the teaching and research staff employed by or otherwise accredited to the university and PhD students enrolled or accredited to the university who are funded by RCUK. Where outputs are produced in collaboration with authors outside of Brunel it is expected that the home institution of the corresponding author should meet the cost of the APC.

Research Output - Not all types of research output are eligible for funding. In order to be considered your output should be either a:

  • Peer reviewed primary research article
  • Systematic review
  • Conference proceedings with an ISSN
  • Review article (not commissioned by publisher)

Publication Status - Your research output should be accepted for publication before you apply for funds. It is not possible to reserve funds for research outputs not yet accepted. However, if you are submitting your paper to a fully open access journal, please contact us to check whether you will be covered by Brunel's Institutional open access funds before submitting your paper.

It is not usually possible to pay an APC retrospectively for a paper that has previously been published.

Policy - In the case of funded research, the university will pay for an APC where a payment is needed to comply with funder requirements for open access and other funds are not available. The Library Research Support team administer annual block grants from RCUK in support of their open access policies. Authors in receipt of awards from RCUK should make a funding request through BRAD. Authors in receipt of grants from other funding bodies may also be eligible. Please note that funds cannot be released for publications that are not compliant with the funders policy.

For all other research authors may request funds for publishing if they wish to disseminate their research under a gold open access model, accessing these through the BRAD system.

Other funders

A growing number of funders have internal mechanisms to cover Gold open access charges for their authors. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • NIHR
  • EU (Framework Program 7 and Horizon)

Funds for publishing may often be included in grant applications. Where alternative funding routes exist, these should be investigated before making an application.

What happens to your request?

Upon authors making a request through the BRAD system:

  • The library will pick up the request and notify the authors within 5 working days
  • On an application being accepted the library will provide instruction on payment information. This will involve authors signing a copyright transfer agreement with the publisher and...
    • Authors raising an invoice with publisher. This is then forwarded to the library for payment (send to
    • Or costs may be charged to prepaid accounts within selected publishers. The library will provide instructions on accessing these.

Funds for publishing may often be included in grant applications. Where alternative funding routes exist, these should be investigated before making an application.

Page and colour charges

Generally we are not able to pay additional publishing costs, such as 'page/colour' charges. These must be invoiced separately. These are costs not related to open access and we are therefore not able to cover them from central funds. Most funders and institutions see these additional costs as disingenuous and a hangover from the paper age.

The open access charge is typically referred to as an APC (Article Processing Charge) and this is what our central funds are designed to support.

We advise authors in the first instance to check the support available within their own department to cover additional publishing charges.

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